Shopping Colloidal Silver- 5 Important Things to Know

Shopping colloidal silver supplements for your immune may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to. Following these five simple tips will guide you to the best product for supporting your immune system.

Firstly- What’s Colloidal Silver?

It’s a liquid mineral supplement containing ultra-fine silver particles suspended in purified water.

Colloidal silver is used internally for immune support and silver also has a long legacy for topical skin benefits.

Silver’s been helping safeguard human health worldwide for generations.

Now, look for these five important traits to ensure you’re getting the best colloidal silver:

#1) High Parts Per Million

Parts per million (or PPM), refers to the number of silver particles per serving. The higher the silver parts per million – the stronger the immune support.

In other words, higher PPM means a greater concentration of silver which is exactly what you want because it provides more immune benefits.

Proper colloidal silver strengths range between 50- 500ppm. Some brands make a weak 10ppm which require 7x doses daily leading quickly to dosing fatigue.

50ppm formulas are ideal for daily immune support maintenance. 50ppm is a good year-round strength.

250ppm is an enhanced immune support for when you’re around crowds, traveling or experiencing a compromised immune system.

500ppm is an extra strength immune boost when you’re stressed and / or need seasonal wellness requiring elevated immune support.

Whichever of these ppm strengths you decide upon, the good news is that you can always reduce or increase dropperfuls to the ppm amount you wish. Example- if you want 100ppm and have a 500ppm bottle,  just take one dropperful. Or if you have a 50ppm bottle, simply take two dropperfuls.

Also, because 50-500ppm strength formulas are higher concentrated, this means you need less doses to consume –which is much better economic value compared to 10ppm brands.

#2) Make Sure its Atomic, Not Ionic Colloidal Silver

There are basically two types of colloidal silver in stores; atomic which is recommended, and Ionic which is NOT recommended because it undergoes an electrical process thereby changing the silver composition and rendering it potentially unstable and unsafe.

Atomic, on the other hand, is a TRUE colloidal silver that’s family safe, stable, stronger, easily absorbed,

and has an amber color, just the way nature intended.

#3) Smaller Particle Size is Better

By official definition, colloidal silver particle size must range between 1-100 nanometers.

3rd party laboratories validate that Silver Wings’ mean averages between only 1-3 nanometers which is remarkably small and making it more easily absorbed and safe.

#4) Amber Color Liquid

Naturally-occurring elemental silver mineral should have an amber color which shows its higher amount of silver particles- and that’s exactly what you want and paying for—colloidal silver!

Natural Path Silver Wings’ formulas all have an amber liquid color which is visible proof of a higher concentration of natural silver particles.

By contrast, weaker 10ppm ionic silver products have a virtually clear liquid appearance.

As an example- 10ppm ionic silver would be like frozen concentrate orange juice containing only 10% real juice

vs.50ppm atomic silver that represents pure, unfiltered, fresh-squeezed directly from a real, nutrient-rich organic orange. Which would you want?

#5) Independent Lab Tested & Verified

As a physician, it’s essential that colloidal silver products be 3rd party lab tested and validated for safety, quality, purity, pharmaceutical grade, and label accuracy. Some 10ppm manufacturers use Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) imaging in-house. This device does not show true silver particle size representation, and TEM can also be easily manipulated by the user to increase or decrease magnification. That would be like a student grading their own papers!

On the other hand, instruments like the Nano-Photon Correlation Spectroscope (NCS) are the most accurate testing methods used at top-rated, qualified independent laboratories and performed on all Natural Path Silver Wings products.

With so many natural immune supplements on the market, using my above five tips will guide you in making the right colloidal silver shopping choice which benefits you and your immune system. That’s why I recommend Natural Path Silver Wings which is doctor developed over 30 years ago.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps.

Dr. Ward Bond- Author, TV and Radio Show Host