GMP Standards

Natural Path / Silver Wings has read, understood and implemented Current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP’s, into every aspect of our business. To comply with these procedures, we have created documentation and operating procedures ensuring consistent product manufacturing continually meets our high standards. Each employee has completed cGMP training and attends ongoing trainings and updates ensuring those cGMP standards, and their revisions are made part of all processes and procedures. Corrective Action plans as well as Preventative Action plans, otherwise known as CAPA, have been developed ensuring processes and procedures are performed correctly every time. Along with cGMP training, NPSW employees follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) explaining every step or action involved in a specific task. These SOP’s along with cGMP procedures and job related task training ensure that each procedure is performed the exact same way regardless of the employee performing it. Overseeing the entire process is our Quality Control Unit (QCU). NPSW Quality Control personnel research, update and implement changes to all procedures. In addition, they monitor the quality of every product we manufacture. Product quality begins with the raw materials used in production. Our QCU verifies our suppliers abide by cGMP regulations by performing supplier audits. Along with supplier audits, raw material testing is performed to ensure each materials identity, strength, purity and composition. We combine all these tasks and procedures in accordance to cGMP standards to assure our customers that the product they receive is of the highest quality each and every time.