Product and Quality

  • #1 Selling Pharmaceutical Grade (Higher Parts Per Million) Colloidal Silver on the market.
  • Highest quality colloidal silver products since 1994.
  • Company was founded by medical professionals with our customers’ health as the main priority.
  • We offer a variety of colloidal silver products (Colloidal Silver 50PPM, 250PPM and 500 PPM, Colloidal Silver 150 PPM Herbal Tincture with Oregano and Echinacea, Colloidal Silver Spray with Tea Tree and Aloe, Silver Aloe Gel and Silver Herbal Ointment).
  • Easy to Dilute Instructions available on the product label.
  • Our colloidal silver is not electrically processed which allows it to remain in a true colloid size beyond its expiration date.
  • Each Master lot number is tested at a qualified third party independent laboratory for colloid size and parts per million.
  • Guaranteed to be a true colloid (which ranges from 1-10 Nanometers or 0.001-0.01 Microns).
  • No Side Effects or Known Drug Interactions.
  • Products do not contain gelatin or any animal bi products.
  • FDA inspected manufacturing facility.

Competitors and Suggested Use

  • Consumers do not have to take our colloidal silver on a daily basis. Instead, they take it as needed for immune support.
  • THE LESS IS MORE MYTH: Less PPM equates to the consumer ingesting more colloidal silver. If you follow their dosage suggestions, leading 10 PPM manufacturer suggested uses typically equate to 270-350 PPM per day.
  • As suggested by leading 10 PPM competitor’s dosage sheet, immune support within a 72 hour time span, a consumer would ingest as much as 4 of their 4 ounce 10 PPM bottles.

Superior Customer Service

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products for 90 days.
  • When ordered before 2PM CDT Monday through Friday, most orders will ship out the same business day.
  • Our full time staff gives their utmost effort to be continuously available, invest much time and expertise in ensuring that consumers and each member of our sales force understand the quality of our products.
  • Supports the Natural Products Industry to keep dietary supplements safe on the market.