What the Experts say…

“Silver Wings’ is a true colloidal silver providing higher PPM strength formulas which are safe for the whole family. I’ve been taking Silver Wings’ colloidal silver and recommend it to my patients.”

Dr. Chris Terrell, ND, RDN, CSCS 



“Because of Silver Wings’ very small particle size, the liquid mineral is safe and nicely absorbed for effectiveness and optimal immune support.”

Dr. Nicole Avena, Professor, Author, Nutrition Expert




“The global demand now for healthy immune is unprecedented and Silver Wings’ true natural colloidal silver, which is backed by scientific research, is the perfect choice.”

Dr. Ward Bond, PhD, Author and host of Life Changing Wellness TV and Radio Show




“Natural Path Silver Wings is truly the best colloidal silver on the planet. Countless people globally have benefited from this naturally occurring, purified trace mineral for their immune support and topical use.”

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen – Health Speaker, Educator




“We don’t always get (or absorb) all the nutrition we need from our meals, so with a natural immune support supplement like Silver Wings’ colloidal silver, I can just easily add into my morning smoothie or beverage to help with my immune system.”

Dr. Serena Goldstein, Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker

About the Ingredients

WHAT IS COLLOIDAL SILVER? Properly prepared colloidal silver is a liquid mineral supplement, which is a mixture of ultra pure water and ultra fine particles of silver.

WHAT IS A COLLOID? With colloidal silver products, a colloid is 1-10 Nanometers (0.001-0.01 microns).

MANY COMPANIES CLAIM TO HAVE A TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER, but the silver particles are too large to be a colloid or too small (making it ionic instead of a colloid). Natural Path/Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is guaranteed to be a colloid. Our mean range is 2 Nanometers (0.002 microns).

HOW SHOULD YOU STORE COLLOIDAL SILVER? It should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Our colloidal silver is guaranteed to be a pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver (99.9%), which stays in suspension indefinitely when stored properly. All colloidal silver should be stored in glass amber or dark glass bottles. It does not need to be refrigerated.

MADE WITH HIGHEST GRADE PURE WATER: Natural Path/Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is made with pharmaceutical grade deionized water (ultra pure – the highest grade of pure water).

COLOR: As a rule, the higher concentration of colloidal silver, the darker the color of the solution – a dark yellow or brownish amber color being the highest quality.

Silver Wings Has You Covered- Inside & Out

  • Colloidal silver for your immune:

50ppm- daily immune maintenance.

250ppm- enhanced immune help (traveling, crowds).

500ppm- extra strength immune support (feeling run-down, stressed, vulnerable immune system).


  • Silver for topical skin:

Silver Wings’ body care formulas combine silver with aloe vera gel and tea tree oil which helps replenish, moisturize and hydrate for optimal skin nourishment.

Herbal Ointment skin formula combines silver’s amazing properties with nine enriching natural essential oils and organic herbs to help revitalize healthy skin.