High Potency Products

Don’t be fooled by the statement less is more. Some lower concentration companies convince their customers to consume their product at the recommended dosage every thirty minutes to an hour for immune support. Natural Path / Silver Wings higher concentration products enables consumers to receive the same immune support benefits in one dose. One could consume the suggested use up to 3 times per day. Due to the higher parts per million, we have a smaller suggested use than the majority of our competitors. As a rule of thumb with colloidal silver, the higher the ppm the darker the amber color. Colloidal silver should always be free of particles floating around in the bottle, but not necessarily clear in color. NPSW’s colloidal silver will appear amber in color. It is guaranteed to be in a true colloid range (1-10 Nanometers).

The Silver Wings Standard


Manufacturing the world’s highest quality colloidal silver products which are verified safe and effective by research and independent lab tested for your healthy immune and skin protection.

Quality Control Unit

Our high standards for quality are shown in every product aspect from manufacturing through distribution. We have a stringent quality control unit in place to test products at every stage, from raw material to finished product. To preserve product’s freshness, we purchase raw materials in small quantities. All materials coming into our facility are subject to thorough tests to ensure they are the highest quality. Raw materials entering our facility are quarantined until specialized Quality Control Technicians confirm that they meet or exceed our standards for quality, purity and concentration.Materials that meet industry standards, but not our standards are rejected and immediately sent back to suppliers. It is only then that these new raw materials enter our production area . To guarantee the highest quality ingredients are available to our customers, it is necessary to complete several tests on the raw ingredients and finished products. This ensures we meet the label claim. We strive to enhance our competitive edge by refining the products we offer to the marketplace. From time-to-time, you might see improvements in products that you already purchase from us. This is our commitment to you as our customer.

In addition to our rigorous raw material quality control process, all personnel must wear protective clothing, gloves and hats to prevent any physical contact with raw materials and finished products. Every precaution is taken to confirm the highest level of quality and purity. QCU is stationed at each stage of the production to maintain adherence to our strict quality control guidelines. We clean every piece of machinery before and after each formula change. We use food-grade, environmentally friendly cleaners to sanitize equipment between batches.

Gluten Free

Natural Path / Silver Wings’ colloidal silver products are gluten free.

Recyclable Amber Glass Bottles

Our 100% recyclable glass bottles are non-leaching, non-porous, and odorless. Colloidal silver can leach into plastic bottles. It is important for consumer safety to store colloidal silver in amber glass bottles. Although these amber glass bottles cost more, we believe it is vital to protect against heat, light, and moisture, thereby preserving ingredient potency.

Recyclable Packaging

Our distribution employees have been trained up to and beyond UPS’ standards. When possible, we use 100% recyclable and / or biodegradable packaging material.

Customer Support

Natural Path / Silver Wings believes knowledge is power. We have 17 years of colloidal silver industry expertise. If you have any feedback, questions or would like to be further educated on or about our products, please feel free to contact us at 800-952-4787 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM CDT or via email: orders@npswsilver.com