Higher Potency=Less Doses Needed=Better Value

Weaker 10ppm colloidal silver brands require frequent dosing (up to 7x daily) for immune support.  Who wants to do that?!

Natural Path Silver Wings’ higher concentration (parts per million) is between 5-50x stronger so you actually need much less dosing for the same immune support. For about the same price, Silver Wings is simply more economical.

Our higher PPM atomic colloidal silver is also safe.

The higher the ppm, the darker the amber color. See the “Learn” tab for more.


Colloidal silver should…

  • never have visible particles floating around in the liquid.
  • not be clear liquid color. This is typically weaker 10PPM which is mostly just water. Silver Wings has an amber color which proves its colloidal silver content and is exactly what you want and are paying for- colloidal silver for optimal immune support!
  • be micro small for easy absorption. The smaller, the better. Colloidal silver particle size should range between 1-100 nanometers. Silver Wings ranges between only 1-10nm– now that’s really small!

The Silver Wings Standard


Manufacturing the world’s highest quality colloidal silver products which are verified safe and effective by research and independent lab tested for your healthy immune and skin protection.

Superior Quality Control

Silver Wings has earned multi natural products industry awards for highest quality colloidal silver immune supplements and topical skin products, here’s why…

HIGH STANDARDS:  From manufacturing through distribution, our stringent Quality Control Unit watches (like hawks) every product throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, validating the finest raw materials to finished bottles.

  • A Quality Control Technician is stationed at each production stage to adhere to our strict quality control guidelines.
  • We clean all machinery before and after each formula change.
  • We use food-grade, environmentally friendly cleaners to sanitize equipment between batches.

PURITY GUARANTEED:  To preserve our ingredients’ freshness, our raw materials are only manufactured in small quantities. This ensures accuracy, ingredient batch tracking and bottle-to-shelf timeliness. All of our silver products are guaranteed to meet our label claims. This is our “purity promise” to you.

TESTED:  All materials are thoroughly tested, ensuring the highest quality. Raw materials entering our facility are quarantined until specialized Quality Control Technicians confirm that they meet or exceed our standards for quality, purity and concentration.  Our products are ALSO independent lab tested which adds another layer of unparalleled quality integrity.

A GRADE ABOVE COMPETITION:  Materials that meet industry standards, but not good enough for OUR standards, are rejected! Though Silver Wings’ ingredients are superior, we are continually researching and refining our products to deliver the strongest and best silver. This has been our commitment since 1994.

VALIDATED FACILITIES: Silver Wings’ manufacturing process is in accordance to FDA and GMP Standards. (see more GMP info below).


  • 100% Recyclable Bottles: Because colloidal silver can leach into plastic bottles, we use only non-leaching, non-porous and odorless amber glass bottles, never plastic.
  • Earth-Friendly Packaging: We exceed UPS standards by using 100% recyclable and / or biodegradable packaging material for all of our shipping.

Ongoing Silver Testing

It’s imperative for colloidal silver manufacturers to routinely test their silver for consistency and to maintain accurate parts per million and particle size.

Silver Wings colloidal silver is tested for purity and efficacy with in-house lab testing and qualified 3rd-party independent laboratories for micron particle size, parts per million, particle conductivity and other analytical tests.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Natural Path Silver Wings complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) within our entire company.

These stringent guidelines we must ensure that our product manufacturing continually meets these highest standards.

All employees have completed and continue to update cGMP training which include Corrective Action and Preventative Action plans (CAPA) to ensure all standards are strictly applied to our processes and manufacturing procedures.

Our entire team also follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) which ensure manufacturing accuracy and guarantees highest quality product validation.

Our Quality Control Unit (QCU) oversees all e manufacturing which include:

  • Quality control   
  • Personnel training
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Newest technology compliance and updates
  • Raw material sourcing and testing for accurate strength, purity and composition
  • Policing and auditing supplier cGMP compliance

Research Studies

  • Silver Wings’ pharmaceutical grade 50ppm, 250ppm, 500ppm and herbal blend colloidal silver products are suggested and intended as a dietary mineral supplement for immune support purposes.
  • According to scientific literature, there are no known allergic reactions from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver.