The Silver Specialists

Since 1994, Natural Path Silver Wings has done only one thing—manufacture safe, pure, high quality true silver- nothing else!

Developed by Doctor Mark Smith, ND, PhD, MD(MA) and Liz Smith, RN, Silver Wings has been used by health practitioners for decades.

Silver Wings manufacturers only high quality and superior pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver. It’s the only brand offering a complete line of silver products:

  • Variety of immune support strengths
  • Silver / herbal blends
  • Topical skin care
  • Sinus Relief
  • Family safe formulas

Silver Wings is the leading authority and remains the oldest colloidal silver manufacturer in the U.S. Proudly family owned and operated since 1994.

All of our silver elemental mineral products are tested, verified and validated for purity and label ingredient accuracy by qualified independent laboratories.

Independently Owned & Operated

Since we started in 1994, Silver Wings remains loyal to the roots of our natural products industry. An ever-growing list of brands are selling-out to large public corporations and forced to take short-cuts with quality and ingredients. Not us! We continue our commitment in making only the purest and highest quality formulas- always!

We promise to continue nurturing our personal relationships with our valued retail partners and customers. We’re proud to be one of the few original independent companies that’s still family owned and operated and we plan to keep it this way.

Pure, natural pharmaceutical grade silver,

pure soul,

pure health

—still and always will.

Safety Compliance

Natural Path Silver Wings manufacturers the widest variety of pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver and silver / herbal blend supplements.

Silver Wings’ manufacturing facility is GMP certified by UL and complies with strict FDA’s GMP regulations. Silver Wings also complies with stringent regulations of the American Society Testing Materials (ASTM) and the American Chemical Society (ACS) for water purity.

Silver Wings manufactures true colloidal silver which is an earth-mined elemental atomic pure colloidal silver found in its natural state, and NOT electrically processed (ionic).


Silver Wings is 99.9% silver. There are no chemicals or contaminants used in the process. The silver is combined with pharmaceutical grade deionized water, according to our proprietary formula. Testing and assays of the finished product are completed by both in-house AND qualified independent laboratories verifying microbial, micron particle size and parts per million (ppm) accuracy.


Silver Wings is manufactured in an FDA registered facility which undergoes ongoing thorough inspections for sanitary conditions and accurate product production.