The Silver Lining of Colloidal Silver

The long history of health benefits attributed to silver, and in particular the more recent use of colloidal silver, reveal the many helpful applications this common natural mineral can have in our lives. Where to begin? How about more than 2,400 years ago!

History of silver

Silver has a very long and impressive history. It’s been said that the Persian kings, around the year 500 B.C. would only drink water that was carried in silver containers because it kept the water fresh. Their neighbors- ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Phoenicians also used silver in various forms to preserve food and water and even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, referenced silver’s many benefits. Silver was used globally throughout the next many generations and later, in the 1800’s, Wild West pioneers placed silver coins in their casks to preserve their water.

Physicians continued to be enthralled by the abilities of silver to handle a variety of health problems. The common saying about being “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” refers to wealthy children using silver utensils to promote healthy lifestyles. The tradition of using silver nitrate to treat wounds continued during the Civil War and World War I.

Today, various forms of silver are being widely used because of its ongoing benefits. NASA and the International Space Station use silver to purify water. Many physicians use silver nitrate in newborn eyes and clinicians use silver sulfadiazine for burn patients.

What is colloidal silver?

Of the several forms of silver available for common use (e.g., silver sulfadiazine, silver nitrate), liquid colloidal silver is the more popular used by the general public today. Colloidal silver consists of ultra-fine silver particles (nanoparticles) suspended in deionized water. A colloid, when talking about colloidal silver, is between 1 to 100 nanometers. Natural Path Silver Wings makes their standard between a strict 1 to 10 nanometers which is pharmaceutical grade.

The “PPM” (parts per million) that appears on colloidal silver supplements represents the number of silver particles per serving. The higher the PPM, the greater the concentration and amount of immune system support.

Atomic vs ionic silver

True colloidal silver supplements are atomic, which means they contain silver atoms that have all of the electrons intact. Their sizes fall within the 0.001 to .1 micron (1-100 nm) range. Natural Path Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is a true colloid, with a mean range of only 2 nanometers (0.002 microns). Atomic colloidal silver supplements can maintain their colloidal state indefinitely because they are a complete and stable silver atom not missing any electrons. Because of this stability, they’re safer than ionic solutions even at higher concentrations.

Colloidal silver supplements that have larger particles are not true colloidal silver products. The fact is that these ionic silver products contain silver ions, which are not as effective nor as stable at high concentrations as atomic solutions. The electrical charge to the atom of silver changes the structure of the silver particle, causing it to lose one of it’s 47 electrons. The altered particle of 46 electrons renders it unstable and over time, ionic solutions tend to clump together, forming silver particles that are too large to be colloid and therefore not safe and much less effective. Atomic colloidal silver does NOT use electricity in manufacturing. The atom of silver stays in-tact, unadulterated with 47 electrons.

True Colloidal Silver should be Amber color

What color is your colloidal silver supplement? Some liquid colloidal silver supplements on the market are clear. However, the best immune support are associated with colloidal silver made from naturally occurring elemental silver, which can range in color from light to dark amber. The higher the PPM, the darker the color of the solution. Natural Path Silver Wings colloidal silver is available in 50, 250, and 500 PPM which are between 5 to 50 times more effective than weaker 10 PPM products on the market. For additional immune support, consider also herbal additives like the 150 PPM strength with olive leaf extracts or echinacea and oregano combinations.

Is colloidal silver safe for me and my family?

Natural Path Silver Wings colloidal silver supplements are made in and distributed from a UL cGMP certified and FDA inspected facility. All critical factors of the products, including silver particle size, pH, stability, and more are verified at qualified independent third-party laboratories. The atomic colloidal silver products are non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, and readily absorbed by the body to provide optimum immune system support.

Bottom line

Children, adults, and pets alike can enjoy and benefit from the virtually tasteless, easy-to-take dropper or spray bottles available from Natural Path Silver Wings. Afterall, what better way to protect and support your immune system than with silver which has been safeguarding human health globally for over two millennia?

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