Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard of colloidal silver before, but why 250 or 500 PPM versus 10 PPM?

Natural Path / Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is a pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver, which can be used at higher parts per million when you need it. The customer can dilute our colloidal silver to 10 PPM for substantial savings to use it on a daily basis. We do not recommend for our customers to take 250 or 500 PPM on a daily basis, but sometimes it is necessary to receive a larger dose of colloidal silver for immune support.

I have read that using higher parts per million of colloidal silver can turn your skin a bluish-gray color (argyria), is that true with Natural Path/Silver Wings brand?

Properly prepared pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver is safe to consume at higher parts per million. The problem stemming from rare cases of argyria developing is due to the particle size of the colloidal silver. If it is larger than a colloid (0.001-0.01 microns), then the larger particles can lodge in the tissue over an extended period of time. Companies or individuals who do not test their colloid size after it is manufactured to maintain the colloidal state may have to worry about argyria. Natural Path / Silver Wings complies with Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines. We guarantee our colloidal silver’s mean size to be a colloid (our mean size is typically 0.002, thus being in a colloid state). When comparing colloidal silver companies, you should choose a company who tests their colloidal silver when it is manufactured and follows GMP guidelines, which requires companies to test their colloidal silver at one year, two years and three years (up to the expiration date). Also, make sure the colloidal silver company you choose tests their colloidal silver at qualified independent third party laboratories.

How does Natural Path / Silver Wings colloidal silver differ from its competitors?

NPSW offers a pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver and pharmaceutical grade water. It is not electrically processed unlike many of its competitors. We also guarantee from a qualified independent third party laboratory that each lot number of our colloidal silver is always in a true colloid range.

What is a “hydrosol silver”? Is Natural Path / Silver Wings a hydrosol silver?

According to Taber’s Medical Dictionary definition, it is “a fluid state of a colloidal solution.” Thus, a hydrosol silver is silver in a colloidal suspension in water. All true colloidal silvers are a hydrosol solution. Yes, NPSW’s colloidal silver is a hydrosol silver.

Should silver be clear in color?

Many lower parts per million companies (10PPM) would like you to believe all colloidal silver should be clear in color. This is not true. The higher the parts per million the more of an amber color you will receive.All colloidal silver should be “clear in solution”. Your products should be free from any particles floating around in the solution especially visible to the human eye. This can be an issue with the other colloidal silver process (electrical, ionic) due to the shelf life of the silver.

Is 250 or 500PPM as beneficial as 10PPM?

Yes. You actually do not have to consume as much 250 or 500 PPM as you would of 10 PPM. One would have to take 25 teaspoons of 10 PPM in order to receive one teaspoon of 250 PPM. Our customers have been pleased with the results from our product for over 17 years and counting.

Will it turn me blue?

It is a completely false claim our higher parts per million colloidal silver could cause Argyria. NPSW has been in business since 1994, and never had any adverse side effects from our product.