Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Colloidal Silver?

It’s a trace mineral as a dietary liquid supplement containing a mixture of pharmaceutical grade, ultra-find silver particles with pharmaceutical grade ultra-pure water.

Silver is present in the body in very minute amounts. People used to get trace minerals from eating plants grown in nutrient-rich soil, but in modern times, with the advent of chemical fertilizers, many trace minerals have been depleted from the foods we eat and silver is present in lesser amounts of our current soil.

Silver particle size must be between 1-100 nanometers to be considered a true colloidal silver.  The smaller, the better which is why Silver Wings ranges within only 1-10 nanometers.

Is it safe?


There are no known side effects when taking Silver Wings’ products as per the dosing recommendations on the label. Since Silver Wings began in 1994, there’s never been a report of any side effects with any of our products which are independent lab tested and manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is safe to consume at higher parts per million.  Silver Wings complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

How is Natural Path Silver Wings colloidal silver different from other brands?

There are two different types of colloidal silver on the market: Atomic and Ionic.

First- know the two most important things in shopping colloidal silver:

— Colloidal silver particle size: The smaller the better—(safe, diluted, better absorbed).

— The amount of silver parts per million: The higher the better—(stronger immune support)

Ionic colloidal silver (not recommended) is electrically processed.  Since it’s cheaper to manufacture, it’s the most common type of silver on the market. Ionic colloidal silver will have a clear liquid appearance because it has only about 10PPM silver which is very weak.

The electrically charged process loses an electron, making it unstable. Over time, most of these ionic silver particles clump together which is not good. When testing some of the leading ionic colloidal silver brands at qualified independent testing laboratories, their particle size range between a shockingly high 900 -1746 Nanometers. **Remember, the lower the number, the smaller its diluted and the better it absorbs in your body. By comparison, Silver Wings’ atomic colloidal silver ranges between only 1-3 nanometers which is safe and has superior absorption.**

Ionic colloidal silver formulas are also a weaker immune support because they’re limited only between 3-30 parts per million (PPM). Ionic formulas cannot increase their PPM strength beyond this because particles would then clump together more quickly, rendering it unstable and unsafe.

Atomic colloidal silver (superior) is unadulterated and NOT electrically processed. It consists of a full silver atom, which is not missing any electrons- as natured intended.

Due to its stability at higher concentrations, it’s safe to dose at higher parts per million (PPM) which gives you stronger immune strength!   **The higher the PPM, the darker the amber color liquid appearance.**  Atomic silver is not tainted or expired as ionic manufacturers falsely state.  Instead, it simply contains more silver which is exactly what you want and paying for–stronger colloidal silver immune support.

Atomic is TRUE natural colloidal silver. Because of its higher PPM, it’s stronger which requires less doses, making it a better economical value! Natural Path Silver Wings is atomic colloidal silver and to no surprise, earning multiple awards for best immune product.

What is a “hydrosol silver?” Is Silver Wings a hydrosol silver?

According to Taber’s Medical Dictionary definition, it is “a fluid state of a colloidal solution.” Thus, a hydrosol silver is silver in a colloidal suspension in water. So, all true colloidal silvers are a hydrosol solution ..and YES, this means Silver Wings colloidal silver is also a hydrosol silver.

Should liquid colloidal silver have color?

YES- this represents the silver particles suspended in the water.  The higher the parts per million, the darker the amber color. (see the “About” tab). This is exactly what you want to see and what you’re paying for– colloidal silver! And yes the elemental atomic mineral is naturally safe.

Compare this to 10ppm ionic colloidal silver which is a clear-like water. Not surprising, this is a weaker silver concentration and hence require many more doses which is a big economic disadvantage.

Which silver is the best value?

Silver Wings’ atomic silver by far!

For about the same price as the 10ppm brands, Silver Wings’ 50ppm is 5x stronger, the 250ppm is 25x stronger, and the 500ppm is 50x stronger. For example only about 6 single drops of the 500ppm = 10ppm.  All Silver Wings stronger ppm formulas = less dosing needed = much better economic value!

Enjoy the freedom to customize your dosing depending on your needs and watch your Silver Wings’ higher concentration bottle last much longer than 10ppm brands.

Will it turn my skin blue?


Silver Wings’ atomic colloidal silver will not cause Argyria. We’ve been in business since 1994, and never had any adverse side effects from any of our products.


Colloidal Silver does not need to be refrigerated. There is no determined shelf life for most atomic colloidal silvers due to their indefinite suspension of particles. All colloidal silver should be stored in glass amber or dark glass bottles.

Does Colloidal Silver contain any allergens?

Silver Wings’ colloidal silver contains no gelatin, wheat, sugar, salt, corn, eggs or yeast, and is formulated without the use of artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. We’ve found no known allergic reactions to our properly prepared colloidal silver.

Does it lose potency?

No- rest assured, Silver Wings’ atomic colloidal silver maintains its colloidal state indefinitely.

But- ionic formulas, on the other hand, often separate, form a precipitate and develop a sediment which is not good.

Silver’s history?

Colloidal silver usage has a long history dating back over 2,400 years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote about this natural mineral element during ancient times. Over generations, people have also used silver topically, to help purify water, and for immune supporting purposes. Today, NASA uses silver as part of its water purification process,

More and more people are turning to colloidal silver to support their immune function, and for good reason because if used as directed it may provide broad-spectrum immune support.