Colloidal Silver 50 PPM


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  • DEVELOPED BY DOCTOR Mark Smith, ND, PhD, MD(MA) & Liz Smith, RN
  • STRONG & MOST EFFECTIVE COLLOIDAL SILVER IMMUNE SUPPORT: 5x stronger (more silver) than other brands with only 10ppm.
  • BETTER VALUE: Higher strength = fewer doses needed to consume = more economical.
  • SAFE & SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: Unparalleled small silver particle size (1-3 nanometers). Made from naturally occurring silver with a true amber color which is gluten free and NON-GMO earning the esteemed Parents’ Picks award for “Best Family Health & Safety Product” and the Mom’s Choice Award for “Best in Family-Friendly Products.”
  • HIGHEST QUALITY / ULTRA PURITY: Pharmaceutical grade deionized pure water with ultra-fine pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver particles in amber glass bottles for optimal quality, integrity and protection earning 2x Best of Supplements awards, the Natural Choice award for “Best Immune Product” and winner of Delicious Living magazine’s “Supplement Awards.”
  • INDEPENDENT LAB TESTED & VERIFIED: UL cGMP certified and FDA inspected. Qualified 3rd party laboratories verify PPM, colloidal silver particle size, stability, and pH accuracy.
  • VALIDATED: Backed by clinical, laboratory, university research and in-vitro studies.
  • WORLD’S COLLOIDAL SILVER EXPERTS: The oldest family-owned and operated colloidal silver manufacturer in the U.S. Silver Wings remains the leading authority and the only comprehensive colloidal silver brand. The Silver specialists since 1994 offering varying strengths, herbal blend formulas and an effective topical skin care line.
  • GIVING BACK: Silver Wings supports various charities and humanitarian organizations including the Autism Hope Alliance.

Pharmaceutical Grade Water and Colloidal Silver 50 PPM

Colloidal silver has a mild taste and can be taken diluted with water or juice. As long as one consumes all of the liquid that the colloidal silver is mixed with, then it will not change the parts per million of the silver. Most adults will take one teaspoon of 50 PPM for immune support for a duration of 10 to 14 days.Begin with the recommended amount of one teaspoon per day. Use half the recommended amount for children (6-12) and one-fourth for ages (0-5). This Product is not intended for continuous use. The following information is for individuals who prefer to break down our colloidal silver to a lower ppm.. This is a breakdown for daily use:

Colloidal silver breakdown by ratio of 1 part silver.

50 ppm
1:5 ratio = 10 ppm
1:2 ratio = 25 ppm

This list consists of suggested uses depending on the "parts per million" of silver desired.

1. What is Colloidal silver (CS)?

CS is a dietary mineral supplement preparation. Particle size must fall between 1-10 Nanometers (0.001 and 0.01 microns) to be considered a colloidal solution. Any size below or above these parameters is not a colloid.

2. Is there a difference in the colloidal silvers on the market?

There are two different types of colloidal silver on the market: Atomic and Ionic.

Atomic colloidal silver consists of a full silver atom, which is not missing any electrons. It is not electrically processed. Due to its stability capabilities at higher concentrations, it is common for manufacturers of this type of colloidal silver to produce higher parts per million. As a rule, the higher the ppm the darker the amber color will be produced. It is not tainted or expired as ionic manufacturers falsely state... Instead, it allows the consumer to notice there is more silver in the solution, when it is a darker color.

Ionic colloidal silver is electrically processed, and typically contains salt. In order to manufacture this type of silver, you would place two silver anodes (poles) in water with salt, and electrically pull silver off of the poles. Due to it being inexpensive to manufacture, it is the most common type of silver on the market. This type of colloidal silver will always be clear in color, but not necessarily solution. It is missing an electron rendering it unstable. Over time, most of these ionic colloidal silvers will have many particles clumping together with larger than colloid sized particles. When testing some of the leading ionic colloidal silver manufacturers at qualified independent testing laboratories, their solutions ranged between 900-1746 Nanometers in size. Ionic colloidal is typically marketed between 3-30 PPM. If it were a higher parts per million, then the particles would clump together more quickly, rendering it unstable and unsafe.

3. Is it safe?

We cannot find any known side effects with consuming our suggested use of properly prepared colloidal silver. Since 1994 when NPSW first started manufacturing colloidal silver, we have never had any side effects with people consuming the suggested use of our colloidal silver.

4. Is it something new?

Colloidal silver has been used since the early 1900's. It fell out of favor with the dramatic increase in the cost of silver at the time. NPSW's colloidal silver is a pharmaceutical grade of silver.

5. Does it lose potency?

Atomic Colloidal Silver maintains its colloidal state indefinitely, whereas, electrolysis-type colloidal silvers often separate, form a precipitate, and develop a sediment. Electrically (Ionic) processed colloidal silver will be clear in color. It is, however, not necessarily free of large silver particles.

Colloidal Silver does not need to be refrigerated. There is no determined shelf life for most Atomic Colloidal Silvers due to their indefinite suspension of particles. All CS should be stored in glass amber or dark glass bottles.

6. What if I want to take fewer ppm than 50?

One can easily dilute NPSW's colloidal silver with purified or distilled water to break it down to a smaller parts per million.

7. What does micron particle size mean and what is optimum?

Microns are the minute measurements of molecular structures. Each lot number of our colloidal silver is regularly tested by an independent laboratory to assure an average particle size of 2 Nanometers (0.002 microns). All silver colloids must fall between 1-10 Nanometers (0.001-0.01 microns). If the colloidal silver does not have a particle size between 1-10 Nanometers (0.001-0.01 microns), then it is not a true colloidal silver. Atomic Silver is equivalent to or smaller than the micron particle size of electro-colloidal silver (also known as Ionic Silver).

8. Does Colloidal Silver contain any allergens?

NPSW's Colloidal Silver contains no gelatin, wheat, sugar, salt, corn, eggs or yeast, and is formulated without the use of artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. We have found no known allergic reactions to properly prepared Colloidal Silver.

Keep Colloidal Silver in a cool, dark place, never on a sunny window ledge or in the refrigerator or freezer. For long-term storage, colloidal silver should be contained in a dark, amber colored glass. There is an inherent electric charge in all plastic that causes the silver to collect on the inside of the plastic container. It should not be stored for prolonged periods of time in plastic.