Best Tips to Nourish Your Skin Naturally

Whether you’re traveling across the country, sitting by the pool, playing sports, water activities, beaches or having outdoor picnics, your favorite times are likely outdoors. That means the sun and your skin will be spending a lot of time together, and the opportunities for sunburn, dried out skin, exposure to insects and insect bites, and other damage goes way up.

That also means it’s time for you to take steps to prevent and minimize any skin problems before they start.

Diet and your Skin

Your skin reflects the nourishment you consume, so take a quick inventory of your diet. Your skin loves antioxidants, but especially vitamins A and C, lutein, resveratrol, and zinc. It also thrives on omega-3 fatty acids derived from such things as fatty fish and avocados. Great antioxidant sources include a variety of berries, lutein from dark chocolate, and resveratrol from red grapes, cocoa, and even pecans. Vitamin A enriched goodies include things like carrots, spinach, red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli and be sure to try and get as much Vitamin C enriched foods in your diet like kale, strawberries, oranges, brussels sprouts to name a few.

Staying well hydrated is also critical for skin health. Pure water, green and white teas, herbal teas, and vegetable broths are good choices.

<strong>Protecting your Skin with Topical Products

Go into most stores or online and you’ll find scores of products that claim to soothe, smooth, and relieve skin issues including sunburn, rashes, and other irritations. In fact, the options can be quite overwhelming.</p>

In many cases, these products are full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that not only fall short providing natural relief from sunburn, irritation, injuries, and rashes, but may actually harm your skin as well. Read the labels, and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients and don’t see any natural substances in the product, you may want to put them back on the shelf. Be aware of harmful chemicals such as:

  • parabens
  • alcohols
  • fragrance
  • sulfates
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates
  • phenoxyethanol to name a few

Your skin absorbs topically more than you think so give it the nourishment its thirsty for.
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How Silver can Help your Health

Silver is a natural elemental mineral and has been safeguarding human health for over 2,400 years both internally and topically. Over the generations since ancient civilizations, silver’s topical benefits have been wide reaching. It was also widely used during the Civil War era and early 1900’s of World War I. Today it’s still used globally.

Internally, colloidal silver usage has also surged as a popular immune support. What’s liquid colloidal silver? It consists of ultra-fine silver nanoparticles suspended in deionized water. When you read colloidal silver product labels, you’ll see PPM, which means “parts per million.” The higher the PPM, the greater the concentration of silver particles per serving which means you’ll enjoy an increased immune support. Ranges between 50ppm – 500ppm are recommended for optimal immune support.

Other Helpful Skin Ingredients Combined with Topical Silver

Topical silver, on its own, has a rich legacy of helpful skin replenishment properties, but what about adding specific herbal ingredients to further enhance optimal skin care? Here’s an all-star selection that have shown positive. Remember: organic is always preferred!


  • Aloe vera: soothes sunburns and moisturizes.
  • Tea tree oil: calms redness and helps with skin flare-ups.
  • Olive oil: has encouraging antioxidant qualities that help condition and hydrate the skin.
  • el=”noopener”>Beeswax: amazingly helps minimize topical inflammation.
  • Sesame seed oil: contains vitamin E, which helps protect against UV rays; and phenolic compounds, which provide antioxidants and helps to prevent inflammation.
  • Comfrey root: helps to address skin flare-ups.
  • Yellow dock root: also provides support to skin irritation and helps address skin inflammation.
  • Myrrh: long used throughout history for helping to protect the skin.
  • Vitamin E: this widely popular antioxidant helps hydrate skin cells from environmental damage such as UV rays and pollution.
  • Oregano oil: helps provide the skin with excellent protective benefits.
  • Grapefruit oil: this citrus oil also helps prevent skin flare ups and includes worthy protective properties.
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Topical Silver / Herbal Blend – a Win for Your Skin

You can help support your skin year-round when you use convenient, all-in-one silver/herbal topical formulas like Natural Path Silver Wings. Each of the three products contain not only naturally occurring elemental silver but healing herbal ingredients listed above as well. The synergistic action among these ingredients can help soothe your skin as well as protect it against environmental assaults. The pure, all-natural ingredients can help support dry skin, chapped lips and hands and topical irritations to name a few.
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Look for topical products like Natural Path Silver Wings’ three skincare management options which include 125ppm to 250ppm silver particle size, making them ideal for the entire family including children four years and older and even pets. All three Silver Wings products are verified by an independent lab, GMP certified and made in an FDA registered facility:

  • SILVER WITH ALOE VERA GEL: This gel which contains 200ppm colloidal silver plus aloe vera delivering a combination of soothing and nourishing benefits. The 200ppm strength is 20x stronger than weaker 10ppm brands, which means less applications daily and more economical.
  • SILVER WITH ALOE VERA GEL & TEA TREE OIL: This formula is identical to the above but includes the multi-benefits of organic tea tree leaf oil.
  • SILVER HERBAL OINTMENT: This all-in-one, broad-spectrum natural skin nourishment formula includes 250ppm colloidal silver with more beneficial organic herbal ingredients than any other silver topical product on the market; olive oil, organic beeswax, organic sesame seed oil, organic comfrey root, organic yellow dock root, organic myrrh, organic aloe vera leaf gel, organic vitamin E, organic oregano oil, and organic grapefruit oil.

Bottom line

By implementing these above helpful tips, you now know how to nourish and protect your body’s largest organ- your skin. It’s no surprise your skin’s health is a direct reflection of your diet, surrounding environment and how you treat it topically. You’re beautifully balanced, now go show it!


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