Colloidal Silver Herbal Tinctures


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  • DEVELOPED BY DOCTOR Mark Smith, ND, PhD, MD(MA) & Liz Smith, RN
  • #1 SELLING COLLOIDAL SILVER / HERBAL BLENDS:  Featuring colloidal silver 150ppm which is 15x stronger (more silver particles) per serving than other brands with only 10ppm.  The Colloidal Silver Herbal Tincture formula combines colloidal silver with organic echinacea and organic oregano leaf revered for its herbal immune support.  The Colloidal Silver Olive Leaf formula is also known for its herbal immune support with antioxidant properties.
  • BETTER VALUE: Higher strength = fewer doses needed = more economical.
  • SAFE & SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: Unparalleled small silver particle size. Made from naturally occurring silver which has a true amber color. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free earning the esteemed Parents’ Picks award for “Best Family Health & Safety Product” and the Mom’s Choice Award for “Best in Family-Friendly Products.”
  • HIGHEST QUALITY / ULTRA PURITY: Pharmaceutical grade ultra-fine (only 1-3 nanometers) colloidal silver and organic herbs for optimal quality, integrity and protection earning 2x Best of Supplements awards and the Natural Choice award for “Best Immune Products.”
  • INDEPENDENT LAB TESTED & VERIFIED: UL cGMP certified and FDA inspected. Qualified 3rd party laboratories verify PPM, silver particle size, stability, pH accuracy and highest quality herbal ingredients.
  • VALIDATED: Backed by clinical, laboratory, university research and in-vitro studies.
  • WORLD’S COLLOIDAL SILVER EXPERTS: The oldest family-owned and operated colloidal silver manufacturer in the U.S. Silver Wings remains the leading authority and the only comprehensive colloidal silver brand. The silver specialists since 1994 offering varying strengths, herbal blend formulas and an effective topical skin care line.
  • GIVING BACK: Every purchased silver / herbal blend bottle helps Silver Wings support various charities and humanitarian organizations including the Autism Hope Alliance.

Featuring colloidal silver 150ppm which is 15x stronger (more silver particles) per serving than other brands with only 10ppm.

The formula containing organic echinacea and organic oregano leaf are both revered for its herbal immune support.

The formula containing organic olive leaf extract is also known for its herbal immune support and antioxidant properties.

4 sprays, 1-3 times daily in mouth and swallow as needed for immune support for up to 10 days.* For extended use, please consult your healthcare practitioner.


Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.

What are the suggested uses for this product?

This product can be used for immune support. Due to FDA purposes, we cannot diagnose, treat or claim any of our products will cure any illness.

Keep Colloidal Silver in a cool, dark place, never on a sunny window ledge or in the refrigerator or freezer. For long-term storage, colloidal silver should be contained in a dark, amber colored glass. There is an inherent electric charge in all plastic that causes the silver to collect on the inside of the plastic container. It should not be stored for prolonged periods of time in plastic.