Natural Path / Silver Wings manufactures the highest quality and superior pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver. We have a complete line of silver products unlike any of our competitors. Our 17 years and counting of experience enables our formulators to produce the most innovative silver products. Since 1994, we have offered the public a safe, pure, effective, and true colloidal silver with the optimal nanometer size. All products have been tested for purity and efficacy at qualified independent laboratories. Our dietary mineral supplements are backed by clinical, laboratory, and university research.

Many of our consumers ask if our colloidal silver is a hydrosol silver. According to Taber's Medical Dictionary, "hydrosol is fluid state a colloidal solution." Furthermore, Encarta MSN online dictionary states, "hydrosol is a colloidal solution in which the particles are suspended in water." Thus, hydrosol silver is silver in a colloidal suspension in water. All colloidal silvers are a silver hydrosol. A protein molecule does not prevent our colloidal silver from being referred to as "hydrosol" silver.

In 2004, we began distributing MDS, which is a truly amazing product for detox support. Our customers refer to it as a gentle detox formula, which does not eliminate essential minerals. This product consists of the highest quality Chlorella Growth Factor, Chlorella Tincture and Organic Cilantro Leaf Tincture. We offer the original formula as provided in third party peer reviewed research. The certificate of analysis on the ingredients provides proof there are no contaminates or metals in it.

Our full-time staff gives their utmost effort to be continuously available and invest much time and expertise in ensuring that consumers and each member of our sales force understand the quality of our products. Extensive and comprehensive literature on our products is made available to representatives and customers well. We feel as though understanding the attributes and uniqueness of our products is paramount in making successful relationships with our customers, buyers and sales team. The staff and sales representatives have become known as Natural Path / Silver Wings' "family". Over the years, they have been referred to as silver experts by consumers, stores, and buyers. Their dedication and product knowledge is immeasurable and plays a vital role in our company.

We are proud to offer the very best colloidal silver and detox support products on the market. Highest quality products and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to NPSW. When reflecting on our growth throughout the years, we owe a sincere debt of gratitude to all our loyal customers. Our satisfied customer base that continues to grow on a daily basis provides the framework of who Natural Path / Silver Wings is today. Natural Path / Silver Wings' family would like to say thank you for making our colloidal silver your favorite brand. We strive to improve for our customers.


We distribute an array of pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver products and MDS. Our bottling facility complies with the FDA's GMP regulations. We also comply with regulations of the American Society Testing Materials (ASTM) and the American Chemical Society (ACS) for water purity.

The mild silver protein is purchased from a reputable company. They supply us with a breakdown of the mild silver protein that reveals casein as the protein stabilizer, which is GSH free. It is 99.9% silver. There are no chemicals or containments used in the process. Pharmaceutical grade silver is combined with pharmaceutical grade deionized water, according to our proprietary formula. Testing and assays of the finished product are completed by in-house and qualified third party independent laboratories for micron particle size and parts per million (ppm).


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.